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  • 28 Dec
    The Origins Album of Imagine Dragons

    The Origins Album of Imagine Dragons

    The fourth album of the American pop rock band Imagine Dragons came after Evolve and it’s called Origins. It is for sure another great album of the band with some really nice songs like Natural, which was the first song that was released from the band for their new full length album. 


    The band announced the new album through a trailer on YouTube where they spoke about why they released another album in a very short time right after their previous one. In the trailer the lead singer of Imagine Dragons Daniel Coulter Reynolds said that in two years from now they are going to be in a different place and the album will not be relevant anymore, so it’s better for the band to not wait to produce the album songs and that's why they did it immediately after Evolve.


    Origins has 2 versions; one which is the standard version that includes 12 songs and another one which is the deluxe version that includes 15 songs. All of the songs from the new full length album of Imagine Dragons are listed below. 

    I definitely suggest you all to hear a few songs from this album, because they are simply amazing!

    1) Natural 6) West Coast 11) Stuck
    2) Boomerang 7) Zero 12) Love
    3) Machine 8) Bullet in a Gun 13) Birds
    4) Cool Out 9) Digital 14) Burn Out
    5) Bad Liar 10) Only 15) Real Life








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